class pywayland.scanner.request.Request(name: str, since: str | None, description: Description | None, arg: list[Argument], type: str | None)

Scanner for request objects (client-side method)

Required attributes: name

Optional attributes: type and since

Child elements: description and arg


Arguments sent to ._marshal


Generator of the arguments to the method

The new_id args are generated in marshaling the args, they do not appear in the args of the method.

output_body(printer: pywayland.scanner.printer.Printer, opcode: int) → None

Output the body of the request to the printer

output_doc_params(printer: pywayland.scanner.printer.Printer) → None

Aguments documented as parameters

Anything that is not a new_id is

output_doc_ret(printer: pywayland.scanner.printer.Printer) → None

Aguments documented as return values

Arguments of type new_id are returned from requests.


The return type for the request.