PyWayland Scanner

The PyWayland scanner parses the wayland.xml protocol definition file and outputs interfaces with the events, requests, and enums defined by the protocol. See Scanner Modules for details on the scanner implementation.

Command-line Invocation

If you have installed PyWayland, the scanner is placed in your path as By default, invoking the scanner reads in the XML file from /usr/share/wayland/wayland.xml and outputs the protocol definitions to ./protocol/.

If you are running PyWayland from source, you can use the scanner in ./bin/ This file sets the path to the current source directory and runs method used by the entry-point. Otherwise, this functions the same as above.

Script Invocation

In addition to the command-line use, you can use the scanner from within Python scripts. This is done, for example, when installing or building the docs to ensure the protocol modules are included in both. For details on invoking the scanner module, see Scanner.