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Contributions of any form are always welcome, whether it is general feedback on the use of PyWayland, bug reports, or pull requests. All development is done through GitHub.

If you wish to develop PyWayland, it is recommended that you follow the outline given in Installing from Source. A few things to be aware of when writing code:

  • Continuous integration testing in done with Travis, and tests are run against all supported Python versions (currently 3.6+ and PyPy 3). You can check that your changes pass locally by running py.test from the root directory (this requires installing pytest). Currently, the tests also run with nose, however, they may not always in the future.
  • Code coverage is assessed using Coveralls. Currently, coverage is fairly low, any work to help this would be greatly appreciated.
  • Code quality is assessed in the tests with flake8, be sure any new code meets Python standards.
  • Type annotations are included in much of the codebase and checked with mypy. Additional checks using other type checkers are appreciated.